How Important is your training?

How Important is training?

   Being a damsel is fun, exciting and rewarding…therefore I want you to know absolutely all the details about this business and opportunity so you never miss any important contests, promotions, specials and product knowledge. You do not want to miss out on great specials you can share to your customers, new or out of stock products, rewards you can earn and more! Luckily; training for damsels is easy to do since the company offers several ways to always get information and stay up-to-date; no matter how busy you are. That is another wonderful thing about being a damsel! You can train when the time is best for you.

“The more you know; the more you grow!”


Here are some of the easy ways you can train as a damsel:


Company Backoffice: Check your mydamselpro backoffice daily to see latest news, reports and more. The company also offers a training portal with videos, documents, the latest specials as well as information on upcoming trips and conferences! In your back office is also where you can edit your personal website, view your upline & downline and even search a damsel docket archive.


E-mail: Be sure to check your email often in case any important emails such as new team members that have joined your tea, new orders on your website or team and company updates. Some people choose to have a seperate business e-mail address just for their business; that is totally up to you!


Monday Minders: The founders of the company puts on amazing video news updates on the backoffice each Monday to update you with news on the company and products. If you miss an “episode,” then you can listen to a replay on your backoffice archives! These are usully informative yet brief company newsletters; yet via video message. Another awesome thing about this company is they are hands-on with their consultants. We are constantly being updated and informed; and communication is terrific!


Conference calls: Each Tuesday you can listen to new training live or previously recorded via your telephone. It’s easy to do while you are doing household chores or errands.


Facebook group: Facebook groups can be super informative if you remember to check the group often; including the files/document section. Our team offers groups with tons of awesome files and resources. I suggest checking the team group(s) daily for exciting updates, training and tools you can use to help your business grow.


One-on-on coaching with your upline sponsor: I am thrilled you have chosen my team to join & I encourage you to check in with me; whether it be via phone or e-mail. I am always here to give you tips and training to motivate you and to help you grow your business. Let’s stay connected and communicate often. I am your personal cheerleader!


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